There is one word hidden in the photo? If you find it, then keep it!
There are two words hidden in the picture, both have 4 letters in it…
Hey, honey, I just got the iPhone 17 pro…let’s have a selfie and check the quality of the camera…cheeeeese—- (Note: Above is an old painting done in 17th century (1623) by Hals: Yonker Ramp and His Sweetheart)
(240512) — GUIYANG, May 12, 2024 (Xinhua) — This photo taken on April 14, 2024 shows Rosa lucidissima at the Foding Mountain nature reserve in Shiqian County, southwest China’s Guizhou Province. Chinese researchers have discovered Rosa lucidissima, a critically endangered species of Rosa chinensis, commonly known as China rose, in southwest China’s Guizhou Province. TO GO WITH “Endangered China rose species spotted in SW China” (Photo by Wu Xu/Xinhua)

A striking geomagnetic storm illuminated the skies across a significant portion of northern China during Friday night and Saturday morning, showcasing breathtaking auroras in a spectrum of colors. This geomagnetic event is anticipated to impact communications and GPS navigation in numerous regions of the country, although it is not likely to have adverse effects on human health. The phenomenon is set to persist throughout the weekend. Experts in space weather explain that geomagnetic storms occur when the Earth’s magnetic field undergoes disruptive disturbances caused by swift coronal ejections carrying magnetic fields from the sun. (Link)
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