Even animal world need mediator

a cute cat is begging for food
May I have some too, pleaseeee__
a dog and an old lady are enjoying their time
They are both much happier and healthier now
leave me alone, you crazy lady
Leave me alone, you crazy lady!
a rolling pig hits a man
Not my fault, you started it…
a rooster is waking up his master
Have a new assignment for my rooster…
a dog and a baby are both sleeping
Can you sleep properly? Babyyyy___
I guessed the winner wrong
I thought he would win bigly…
a monkey pulled her baby away
No, we just can’t trust human beings too much…
a cat is opening a beer for her owner
You said that I’m useless and wanted to send me away, let me open a beer for you…
Can you guys just stop fighting for a while?!
a fox is looking at the hunter
Sir, I’m guessing that you are looking for me…

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