He never gets tired of learning new skills

a dog is learning jumping from a frog
My dog never gets tired of learning new skills…
two pigs chased away a big bear
Bear: Could you guys not publish this video?
a dog is angrily barking at a broccoli
OMG! Who told you that I’m a Vegetarian?!
a dying fish waiting for a drop of water
I was once very rich and has a whole lake of water…
a duckling is trying hard to keep herself awake
I really don’t want others to think that I’m sleeping…
two cats are playing before ba lonely dog
Same place, different world!
a cute baby is eating a piece of strawberry
Due to the inflation, I can only have half strawberry now!
a baby is dry swimming
It would be much better if there were high water on the floor…
a lock is closed but still doesn't work
I told my boss I locked it and she can take it easy!
a brother is opening the car door for his young sister
Finally I helped my younger sister get out of the car!

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