I need your support

a bird pulls some fur from a dog
I need your support, winter is coming…
 a cat lazily lied on sofa after breaking up with girlfriend
I still can’t believe that she dumped me…
 a cat is hesitating whether to go through a hostile army
OMG, a whole army is here to stop me!
a girl falls awkwardly
From cool to cruel, it only takes one second!
two girl went wild with music
I really like the singer’s fanning assistant, she works really hard…
a girl has the hairstyle like tornado
The tornado hairstyle really caught all my attention!
anti-tracking slipper
Here is the latest innovation of anti-tracking technology!
a guy fakes a traffic incident
Even people working at the insurance company are laughing…
two helpers both fall on icy road
He needs company, not help…
a girl boxer beats up a boy
Boy: I’m not coming as long as she is here…

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