You got to be creative to live a better life

a horse lies on her side to reach some green grass
To live a better life? You got to be very creative!
a big girl is eating BBQ when team are pulling rope
Take it easy, I am here…
a bird nest is burning on top of a tree
Honey, call 911, our house is on fire!!!
a kid is sliding down a muddy road
My way or a muddy high way…
a man has a haircut he does not like for sure
OMG, told you not to move…
a Chinese policeman and a female vendor are both faking their injury
Policeman: You hurt me so much,help… Lady: I’m falling… okay?!
a toy bicycle in 1948
It looks a lot of fun even for kids living today!
a dog became much more smarter when nobody is at home
So…it becomes much smarter when owner leaves?
a man asks his son to trust him at the edge od building top
They call this trust building?
a dog is cleaning a kid
I think you are now totally clean…

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