Poor guy got hit by a bus repeatedly

a guy is faking a traffic accident
OMG, that poor guy managed being hit by a bus so badly
a cat is trying to catch soccer on TV
My cat is really busy today…
a boater is tricking his customers
The travelers must be shocked by this new trick!
a guy in lady's dress
Don’t shoot, please, they said there needs one more person
a baby get on a swing cradle in a smart way
This baby became a real pro.
dog and pigs say hello to each other
Hi buddy, long time no see! Where have you been?
a monkey is eating a lemon
Oh shoot, what is this?!
a dog is in a wolf's enclosure
Don’t hate me, I’m only staying here as a substitute wolf for a week!
a lady is climbing a decending escalator
I really hope she can get to the second floor eventually…
an angry girl gets herself fall over
Please don’t do heavy lifting when you are angry!
a girl is watching cartoon with her dog and cat
Cartoon time!
an elephant is spraying cold water to her camel friend
Hi Bro Camel, let’s stay cool together!

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